I have the honour of being Mark’s first student and his first skater to compete at Nationals at the senior level and compete internationally.  Despite my extremely busy schedule, I manage to find as much time as possible to go to the rink and freeskate. There is no other feeling like flying round the ice with the wind on your face. It’s complete freedom! Having Mark there to work with you makes the experience that much more enjoyable. He is always giving me new and challenging things to strive for. What would I do without the near impossible choreography and footwork? Skating is my life and being part of a “family” such as with Mark and the Figure Skating Academy is such an integral part of it. Skating is even better when you can share it with others!


Paul Poirier

2014 Four Continents silver medalist

Two-time Canadian national medalist (2013, 2012)

Canadian Olympic Team Member


Thanks Mark! You have been the coach to ignite an even greater love and passion for figure skating in our daughter’s life. As her parents, we have witnessed so much improvement in her skating skills and training abilities. She has come from single jumps to doubles in less than a year, she has improved tremendously. We receive many positive and encouraging feedback from spectators during her training regarding her figure skating abilities. Her excellent results during competitions are due to your teaching and correction skills, your perseverance, your commitment and the hard work you've put into coaching her! You have connected with your skater and have identified the methods of coaching and training that motivates and pushes her to reach her highest potential. I highly recommend Mark Batka as your figure skating coach. We commute 2 hours to get to lessons and board our daughter for 3 days a week so she can have access to Mark! That speaks for itself!


Maryse Gaudet

Mark has been a mentor, a friend, and most of all, an invaluable support system. I have trained with Mark since the age of eleven, and words can simply not describe how much of an impact skating with him has had on building my character. The work ethic that his coaching has instilled in me has been transferable beyond the ice - to the classroom, workplace, and other extracurricular endeavors. The confidence that I have gained from figure skating has motivated my academic career, such as applying for scholarships and research assistantships, for which I would not have otherwise had the ambition to strive. Skating with Mark has taught me to prioritize and work efficiently - we make time for activities that are important to us; and although a constant juggling act, making time to skate has resulted in a skill not easily gained: time management. Mark constantly demands the best of me (and often, his standard of my best is significantly higher than my own) - his dedication to helping me achieve my potential has made me the high-achieving individual I am today.

Cynthia Yeung


Stefani and myself would like to thank you and your enthusiastic coaching staff for your dedication and hard work over the years. Stefani started With the Figure Skating Academy program at the age of 5 and it provided her with the skating techniques, confidence and abilities to achieve her dreams in the sport of figure skating. Stefani was a silver medalist in Junior and made the Canadian National Team and has received international assignments from Skate Canada and hopes to some day compete in the Olympics. Again, many thanks!!



Laura Levtov and the Figure Skating Academy gave me the foundation I needed to become the skater I am today. Laura taught me the importance of being able to skate on deep edges, with perfect form and technique. She was meticulous about technique and was never satisfied with good because it always had to be excellent. Because of Laura I learned that it takes more than just talent to become a successful skater. You need to work hard, practice perfect and never take anything for granted. Thank you Laura from the bottom of my heart. As you know, I love to skate and you will always be part of my success.


Rachel Kirkland Age:14

Skate Canada National Team Member



All of the competitors that come to us from the Figure Skating Academy have tremendous fundamentals. It's an excellent development program.

Michelle Leigh, Mariposa School of Skating.

Coach of Elvis Stojko & Jennifer Robinson

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