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Competitive Programs


An intensive program for skaters who are dedicated to succeeding, the competitive program is the graduate program from the pre-competitive program. Students enrolled in the competitive program must be able to land a single loop jump and be working on their axel. Skaters entering the program start by continuing to establish a superior foundation, and work towards components needed in higher-level competitions.


In the Academy’s competitive stream, students commit to competitions throughout the year. An overall higher weekly commitment is required from students and parents alike.


This program is comprised of 2-5 days on the ice (dependent on skaters level) and at least 2 days of off-ice training including ballet, stretch, plyometrics, and jump class


Other than private lessons, all classes, both on and off ice, are taught as group lessons. This creates a strong team atmosphere that benefits our students as they start to enter competitions and travel together.

On-Ice Training

Three days of group format lessons and 2-5 days of private lessons.

Group lessons focus on building, maintaining and mastering the foundations. Figures, field moves, stroking and motivational concepts are also included.  Private specific lessons focus on choreography, spin and jump technique, routines and competition preparedness.

Off-Ice Training & Independent Study

Includes group training classes for off-ice jumping, ballet, core strength, fitness, and stretch with the Academy.


In addition to this, we also highly recommend that students take yoga and music classes.


Throughout the year students enter 3-5 competitions. In consultation with their private coach and Director Mark Batka, competitions are chosen to match the abilities and goals of each skater.


Our program streams, and our system of skating instruction, are proven champion makers. We provide the technical expertise to guide and foster a skaters passion. Join us to make your dreams a reality.



A program designed to introduce young skaters to the world of figure skating; the pre-competitive stream is a stepping-stone to our competitive program and acts as the stage in-between recreational skating and professional competition.

This program involves 2-3 days a week of skating, 1-2 days of off-ice training and entry-level competitions.

On-Ice Training

1-2 days of group format lessons and 1 day of private lessons.

Group on-ice lessons focus on mastery of edges, stroking, field movements and an intro to jumping and spinning.

Private instruction is mandatory at this level. A private coach will be appointed to oversee competition readiness and monitor overall progress. Private lessons and coaches are personally assigned and managed by Director Mark Batka.

Off-Ice Training

Includes ballet, conditioning, flexibility and off-ice jumping.

These sessions are usually held immediately before or after an on-ice group session. Off-ice work is essential for improving a skaters on ice performance.

Entry Level Competitions

Skaters will partake in 1-2 entry-level competitions over the course of the year. These events allow students to understand the commitment and work ethic necessary to prepare for a competition - an invaluable lesson for when they are ready to graduate to the competitive stream.


Other than private lessons, all classes, both on and off ice, are taught in a group format with other skaters from the Academy. This format creates a strong team atmosphere, which benefits our students as they start to enter competitions and travel together.

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