About Us

Our Objectives

To provide a specialized, high quality program that teaches the correct technique right from the start - opening doors and instilling a love for skating in all of our students.

To offer young, aspiring competitive athletes a high performance training environment with the knowledge and resources needed to pursue competitive skating at the national and international levels.

To share our elite knowledge, experience and love of skating with young athletes.



Our Commitment to Excellence

Encourage and develop a passion for figure skating.

Provide programs and opportunities focusing on the development
of high performance skills for both figure skating and life.

Use our programs as the foundation for lifelong fun, fitness and
personal achievement.


Mark Batka - Director

Mark Batka is a NCCP Level 3 Certified coach registered with Skate Canada. Coaching for the past 14 years, he has coached skater's of all levels, from beginners to elite international levels. His skater's have found success at Regional, Sectional, National and International competitions. Prior to coaching, Mark skated competitively in singles and pairs for 15 years at the National and International level. He was in the National Ballet of Canada for many years until giving it up to focus solely on skating. His degree in Kinesiology and Health Science enables him to coach all aspects of competitive figure skater's wholly and effectively. He believes in developing skills on the ice that will translate into useful life skills for his skater's off the ice. From a skater’s very first lesson, Mark emphasizes the importance of a strong foundation and perfect technique and form. Without those, it is impossible to find success in competitive figure skating in the long run. But above all else, Mark believes in the need for balance between family, education, and the joy of skating.


Laura Levtov - Founding Director

Laura has more than 30 years of competitive coaching experience and is a certified NCCP Level 3 coach. She is both a well-respected skater and coach in the Canadian Figure Skating world. She founded funSKATE in 1993 prior to co-founding PowerSkating Academy with husband Dave Levtov. A passionate athlete, she is also a multiple marathon runner, fitness enthusiast, world traveler, and a 2x Mt. Everest climber. When not on the ice Laura can be found in the rural villages of Nepal, bettering the lives of girls through our not-for-profit organization Freedom on Ice, Nepal.


“I believe that every child has the ability to reach his or her full potential. I am passionate about inspiring my students with a love of skating that will drive them to reach their potential, on the ice and in all areas of life!"

Natalie Feigin - Artistic Director / Choreographer

Natalie is the Artistic Director of the Figure Skating Academy. She brings to our program 16 years of figure skating experience in singles and ice dance.  Although quite good in singles, the beauty and artistry of ice dance was what made her finally choose ice dancing. She found success at both the National and International level for several years before retiring. Natalie also has an extensive ballet background as she had a passion for dance both on and off the ice. Natalie has a knack for finding the strengths of each student and showcasing them beautifully through choreography.


We Encourage and Develop

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